Triple T Electric Residential Services

Residential Services in Idaho

"Lighting, EV Chargers, Whole Home Wiring, and More"

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Triple T Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Services in Idaho

"Lighting, Troubleshooting, Wiring, Surge Protection, and More"

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Triple T Street Lighting Services

Street Light Installs in Idaho

"Servicing Boise, Star, Middleton, and More"

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Looking for residential or commerical electrical services?

Triple T Electrical Contractor in Middleton, Idaho

Commercial & Residential Electrical Contractor

Premier electrical contractor in the Treasure Valley area in Idaho

Triple T Electric Street Lighting

Street Lights & Outdoor Area Lighting

Light up your street, subdivision, parking lot, or communal space in Idaho with Triple T's light pole installations

Alternative Power Electrician in Middleton, Idaho

Alternative Power Solutions

Solar panels, solar battery backup systems, generator backups, and more

Have another project in mind?

Residential Electrician in Boise, Idaho

Commercial & Residential Electrical Contractor

As electrical specialists catering to both residential and commercial needs, we offer tailored services encompassing installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repairs. Our proficient team is committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your property's electrical systems. Whether it's creating a secure and efficient home for your family or addressing the unique requirements of your commercial space, our dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction remains steadfast, ensuring comfort, reliability, and optimal performance in both settings.
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Street light installs in the Treasure Valley, Idaho

Street Lights & Outdoor Area Lighting

Elevate your outdoor spaces with precision and expertise by choosing our light pole installation services. As seasoned professionals in the field, we bring a wealth of experience to seamlessly install light poles that not only illuminate your surroundings but also enhance safety and visibility. Our dedicated team ensures the efficient and secure installation of poles, catering to various specifications and locations. Whether you're transforming a residential neighborhood, commercial property, or public space, our light pole installation services guarantee a sleek and functional lighting solution that stands the test of time. Illuminate your environment with confidence, choosing us as your trusted partner for reliable and expert light pole installations.
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Solar Panel installation in Boise, Idaho and Nearby

Alternative Power Solutions

Enhance your energy autonomy with our cutting-edge solar, generator, and alternative power solutions. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our offerings, providing a variety of innovative solutions to reduce reliance on traditional power sources. The installation of a backup generator ensures that your property and its equipment can withstand extreme weather conditions. Harness the sun's abundant energy through our solar panel installations, delivering a clean and cost-effective solution for powering your home or business. Our expert team is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly options that not only minimize your carbon footprint but also ensure long-term savings. Embrace a more eco-conscious future with our integrated solar and generator solutions, reflecting a smarter approach to energy consumption in town or off the grid.
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Some words about us

At Triple T Electric, we take pride in being your trusted source for superior electrical solutions. Our team is comprised of seasoned master electricians with a wealth of expertise, backed by a reputable electrical contractor's license.

From meticulous installations to efficient repairs, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every watt. Choose Triple T Electric for a brighter, safer, and more reliable electrical experience.


Triple-T is dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems, we take pride in delivering top-notch installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repairs. Our goal is to provide reliable and sustainable solutions, our expert team is at the forefront of promoting safety, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to be your dependable partner in lighting up your homes and businesses, forging a brighter and safer future for our local community.

  • Safety and Efficiency
  • Top-notch Services
  • Reliable and Sustainable Solutions

15 Years of experience

With our years of experience we are confident we can provide you the highest quality services around and ensure that your electrical jobs are safe, and will work for years to come.

  • Master Electrician
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Prioritize Safety